SAM Labs Make construction kit

SAM Labs Make construction kit


Packed with 8 fully-rechargeable wireless blocks

Start making and sharing prototypes, wearables and inventions quickly

Make a turbocharged robocar in minutes

Step-by-step guide in the app helps you create your first project

Wireless blocks x2 buttons, x2 led lights, x1 servo, x1 slider, x1 tilt sensor, x1 dc motor


Product Description

SAM Labs is the most innovative and friendly construction kit for 7-14 year olds to learn coding, engineering and technology. Whether you’re a coding newbie, or an eager programmer, SAM Labs offers the fastest way to create interactive systems and smart inventions through fun and educative play. By seamlessly integrating hardware, software and the internet, SAM gives anyone the tools to shape the future of the Internet of Things (IoT).


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